How to Get Support from the Mahanoy City Fire Department

The Mahanoy City Fire Department (MCFD) is an all-volunteer fire service that serves the Borough of Mahanoy City and Mahanoy Township, and a part of Interstate 81. It provides fire and rescue services primarily and also provides emergency medical services to all of the residents within its jurisdiction. But how does one request for help from the MCFD?


Active Public Outreach

The MCFD is a volunteer organization that seems to be very active with its community outreach. It operates several social media properties for each one of the five companies that comprise the fire department. These are the:


  1. Washington Hook and Ladder Company #1
  2. Citizens Fire Company #2
  3. Good American Hose #3
  4. West End Fire and Rescue
  5. Humane Fire Company #1


Each one of these fire companies has its own Facebook pages that individuals within Mahanoy can reach at any time. Depending on the fire company, the response time may vary so immediate concerns should not be coursed through this avenue.


You should also be able to reach them through the MCFD Facebook page as well, which is the consolidation of all of these social media properties.


Electronic Mail

Each of the fire companies and the central command of the MCFD have email addresses. Again, these emails are not for emergencies or immediate concerns, but if you need to inquire about something that the companies or the fire department do or provide, you may do so via these email addresses.


The emails can also be found via the individual Facebook pages of each fire company. However, it is not clear if the emails are monitored regularly by a staff member of the company or the fire department, so responses might not come in a timely manner.



Each fire company and the main office of the MCFD all have a landline number. These numbers can be called for emergency reasons and standard inquiries. Each station is open 24/7 so a representative will be available to take your call at all times.


During emergencies, it would be best to call the central MCFD landline instead, as the central station will be the one to coordinate assistance from the five fire companies. Queries specific to individual companies should be channeled through the contact number provided for the specific company, however.


The MCFD’s Services

The Mahanoy City’s Fire Department provides standard firefighting and EMS services within the Mahanoy Borough and provides joint services with its neighboring fire services as needed. But the FD also provides fire safety seminars and shares tips and information on how to proceed during an emergency via its website and its Facebook pages.


The MCFD also has a special service provided for business owners within their service area. They call this their pre-plan service. The fire department states that its goal is to have a pre-plan for every business within their service area in order to help them improve their emergency prevention and response times.


Learn More: The Five Advantages of County Fire Services


By availing of these pre-plans, business owners are provided regular fire and safety inspections from the fire department to help them address potential fire and safety issues within their places of business.


If you would like to know more about the Mahanoy City Fire Department, its fire companies, and its services, you may get in touch with them via any of the contact details mentioned earlier.



The Five Advantages of County Fire Services

County fire services aren’t like your traditional fire departments. Most of the staff in them aren’t career firefighters, for one thing. They also tend to serve a much smaller geographical location limited to the confines of their home county, for another. But there are several advantages to having this kind of department that mostly have to do with the size and type of manpower the department has.


They know the area better

Most of the time, the employees of a county fire service know the area they serve better. Larger fire departments serving multiple counties will have regional leaders that are tasked with knowing the geography of their location, but this doesn’t stack up well against a local’s knowledge of his place of residence. These locals will have a better idea of how to travel to specific locations within the county faster, which can mean the difference between life or death during cases of emergencies


They help build the community

A lot of these county fire services are self-owned, self-governed, and self-funded. While the local and national governments do fund these departments somewhat, a lot of the funding tends to come from fundraisers set up by the fire services themselves. They do these in the same manner as charities and civic organizations: bake sales, bingo nights, and the like. This doesn’t just help fund the fire department, however; it also brings the community closer to one another and exposes them to the members of their fire department.


They can be cheaper to operate

Depending on the county, a county fire service might be less expensive to operate. A Connecticut General Assembly report cited studies made in New York, Indiana, and Mansfield, Connecticut asserting that the cost to operate a fire service could be cheaper in regions that have either more viable volunteers, which makes recruitment and shift scheduling easier; or lower incidences of calls per annum; or both. Paid fire departments, on the other hand, will require full-time employees that get paid salaries and benefits.


They utilize taxpayer’s money more efficiently

While many volunteer fire services are self-funded, a portion of their funding does come from the local government. A paid fire department, however, is paid by the local government out of pocket. These departments are usually tasked to serve a number of counties within their jurisdiction, and these counties in turn provide the city where the fire department is located with the money to finance the fire department. Counties have no say in how the city utilizes the money, and counties like Candler County, GA, would prefer to have more say in how the money they spend for fire protection is spent.


The current firefighters are old hands

While the plight of an aging population of volunteer firefighters might be worrisome, this can also be a good thing. Older firefighters are better at assessing situations than newcomers and they will be able to make better judgment calls during intense situations. They can also be better equipped to train new volunteer recruits.

County fire services are built mostly of volunteers, but these five advantages can make them worth keeping around. Bigger cities should invest in fire departments, but counties can benefit more from smaller fire services like these as they cost less, know their service area better, and are just generally great members of the community to have around – whether you need them or you don’t.